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by Victor DiGenti

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
284 pages; ISBN: 1594110484

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kathryn Lively


To the "Hyskos," or humans, he is simply Tony, a housecat being passed from one owner to another in the wake of an epic family move from Connecticut to Florida. Assured that Tony will have adapted to his new surroundings by the time they cross the borders into the Sunshine State, the Tremble family soldier forward into a new life as Tony is forced to adjust to his own.

Tony, however, is not as agreeable. Though the Hyskos are a curious species, he nonetheless is content with his original owner and is therefore confused by the imposed change in residency. Connected to a dreamworld wherein cats communicate with one another (not unlike a neural, feline Internet), Tony, AKA Windrusher to his brethren, realizes his mission - to be reunited with his Hyskos family, even if it means walking the entire Eastern seaboard.

So is the crux of WINDRUSHER, a delightful tale reminiscient of the Homeward Bound films. Armed only by the guidance of the cat goddess and his wits, Windrusher embarks upon a journey that takes him through a rough, urban cat collective in which Windrusher is trailed by a disfigured cat bent on revenge, down country roads in an RV, held "captive" by a family of animal lovers, to an idyllic home in the Carolina suburbs, tempted by the security of a married couple and their desirable Siamese.

WINDRUSHER is for lovers of adventure and cat lovers; poignant with moments of great humor. Tony/Windrusher is endearing hero for this new series.


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