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Prince of Dreams
by Nancy McKenzie

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
432 pages; ISBN: 0345456505

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Prince of Dreams
Nancy McKenzie
Del Rey, Jan 2004, $14.95, 432 pp.
ISBN: 0345456505

The High King of Britain Markion sends his nephew Tristan to escort his newly betrothed Princess Essylte, daughter of King Percival of Gwynedd, back to him so she can become his High Queen in Tintagel. The marriage is a political union of the two most powerful families on the isles and surely will lead to a lasting prosperous peace for all with their children ruling for eternity.

When Tristan and Essylte meet, love at first sight flows between them. Both know their duties to their respective lieges and their people. To act on their feelings mean treason and possible war. However, the matters of the heart cannot be ignored that easily and soon Tristan and Essylte will have to decide between love or honor and duty.

Nancy Mackenzie is already recognized as the Guinevere of Camelot tales and her latest PRINCE OF DREAMS will enhance that regal reputation. The story line tells the legendary tale in a fresh, vivid plot that brings to life the Arthurian Age so that the audience will feel they are witnesses to a magical period. The love between the protagonists hooks the audience who prays for a happier ending than the legend or the ultimate star-crossed pair Romeo and Juliet. Ms. McKenzie has another winner that fans will read in one delightful sitting.

Harriet Klausner


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