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Hollywood Divorces
by Jackie Collins

Category: Fiction / General
467 pages; ISBN: 0743216490

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Hollywood Divorces
Jackie Collins
Simon & Schuster, Nov 2003, $26.00, 467 pp.
ISBN: 0743216490

When Lola Sanchez was a teenage nobody hoping to be a Hollywood star she met her movie star hero Linc Blackwood, who seduced her and left her pregnant. Using an abortionist whose office was a back alley, Lola was left infertile. Now in her twenties she is married to an oblivious tennis pro and has become the hottest property in Hollywood, but though she wears a smiling face, inside she is angry and acrimonious.

Lola insists that Linc star in her next vehicle because she plans to avenge what he did to her. Linc’s wife English actress Shelby Cheney loves her spouse though she knows he cheats on her. She even rationalizes his negative behavior as caused by his parents’ abuse and murder-suicide. Wife to rock star Jump “not related to Mick” Jagger, teen director writer sensation Cat Harrison is directing Shelby’s latest work when she is not struggling with leading hunk Nick Logan trying to get her into bed. These three women have crossed paths with one another and with men who remain blind to anything but their own needs. Soon one person will understand what has happening and then the fireworks begin.

HOLLYWOOD DIVORCES is the typical trashy Jackie Collins tale that somehow is fun to read (sort of like the tabloids in a supermarket). The cast for the most part are not a likable group as they are shallow and egotistical except perhaps Shelby who seems naive. The story line is thin yet this reviewer cannot explain why, but once again Ms. Collins hooked me with her latest Hollywood drama.

Harriet Klausner


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