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Moon’s Dancing
by Marguerite Kraus & Susan Sizemore Sizemore

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
465 pages; ISBN: 1594140634

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Moon’s Dancing
Marguerite Kraus & Susan Sizemore
Five Star, Dec 2003, $25.95, 465 pp.
ISBN 1594140634

The three kingdoms of Sitrene, Dherrcia and Rhenland are all changing, descending into chaos and anarchy due to the machinations of the heir apparent Prince Damon of Rhenlan. Once his sire dies, Damon plans to rule more than just his kingdom. He has set in motion plans to disrupt and ultimately seize control of Sitrene and Dherrica. Assassination and causing unrest are just two of the tools in this evil individual’s bag of nasty tricks.

The prime known opposition to Damon’s thrust comes from his sister Princess Vray, who was imprisoned, but escaped her cage and from a traitor within his guards, Captain Dael, who loves the hidden princess. Other members of the three kingdoms’ realms also work against Damon, but the key player is the Keeper Jordy who loves his people, the princess he protects, and the country he wants made whole. Damon might have the upper hand though his opponents have the hearts of the populace making his immoral road difficult.

Book two of “The Children of the Rock Trilogy” is epic fantasy at its’ finest. Ineffective and power hungry kings almost destroy the world and the next generation struggles to repair the damage their elders have done as anarchy seems imminent. Still the key to the tale is the cast especially the evil Damon (perhaps too malevolent with no redeeming qualities), the intrepid Vray, the loyal to his beloved Dael, and the enigmatic Yoda like Jordy. The secondary cast (royals and wizards, etc.) adds depth so that the Krause-Sizemore world is a fine place for readers to visit.

Harriet Klausner


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