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   Run Hard, Die Fast (Shadowrun)

Run Hard, Die Fast (Shadowrun)
by Mel Odom

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
288 pages; ISBN: 0451457374

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Beth Spires


This is not just another novel set in the futuristic Shadowrun world. The story revolves around Argent, a street samurai who learns that a former partner, Andi Sencio, is in danger after a data-steal goes wrong. Argent, who was forced to bury two former team members, has to confront his fears about putting others at risk in order to put together a team to save Andi and her team. Complicating matters, Andi and Argent were once lovers. Argent must decide whether to risk his life and the lives of his team members to rescue the woman who walked away from him.

What keeps this book from being a typical Shadowrun novel is that the character of Argent was created by the late Nigel Findley and appeared in his books as a minor character. Mel Odom has taken the character and literally breathed life into him. Part of Argent’s past is revealed, giving a glimpse of why he took a job from Dirk Montgomery (in 2XS) that cost him the lives of his teammates. One of Odom’s own characters, an elven decker named Archangel, hires on to provide Argent with Matrix support. Archangel has demons from her own past to face and her reluctance to face them mirrors Argent’s own.

Overall, an excellent book and a great tribute to Findley, an author taken too soon.


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Buy Run Hard, Die Fast (Shadowrun) at


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