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Judas the Gentile
by D.S. Llitteras

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
220 pages; ISBN: 1571741445

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


While Jesus was dying on the cross at Golgotha, Judas was drinking himself into a stupor in a tavern that overlooked the crucifixion. Judas has many regrets for what he has done but he is glad that he converted to Judaism. The thirty pieces of silver in his pocket mean nothing to him and he leaves them behind when he departs the inn. He is captured by the bandit leader Ganto who lost everything he owned to the Romans.

Gantoro is the one who had Judas infiltrate Jesus’ band of followers in hopes that the charismatic leader would join forces with him in trying to initiate civil disobedience. Judas lost sight of his objective as he fell under the spell of his rabbi and when Gant ordered him to kill Jesus so he wouldn’t become a martyr; he was unable to do it. Alone, friendless and totally unable to live with his betrayal, Judas sees only one way out.

D.S. Lliteras has given readers much to think about in JUDAS THE GENTILE. His portrayal of Judas feels right for a man who betrayed the most important person in his life. Readers will not love Judas but pity him for his lack of honor and inability to break free from those who want to use him. This tortured creature, who wanted too much, in the end wound up with nothing.

Harriet Klausner


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