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The Remigrants
by Joseph E. Wright

Category: Fiction / Horror
200 pages; ISBN: 1592010280

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Remigrants
Joseph E. Wright
Books Unbound, Oct 2003, 200 pp.
ISBN 1592010280

Late Friday night in the Wilbur Strand house in Ocean View, New Jersey, Alice Keene is getting worried because her husband hasn’t returned from his trip to Atlantic City. It is snowing, the wind is fierce, and the grounds are slippery but even so Alice is shocked when she gets a call from the police telling her that Nicholas’s car went off the 34th street Bridge. His body is not found in the car and it is believed he was washed out to sea.

She is totally gratified when later that night a knock at the door occurs and when Alice opens it, Nicholas is there. However the being who came home is not the same man she lived with all these years. He doesn’t eat or sleep, just works continually on his manuscript and as the hours and the days pass, he seems to be atrophying. When she finally begins to doubt her husband’s humanity she must give credence to the fact that he has become one of the Remigrants.

Joseph E. Wright has written a very fascinating horror story that will appeal to fans of Bentley Little or Rod Serling in the Twilight of his career. When readers discover what Nicholas Keene is, they will be shocked and there will be much sympathy for Alice who will first have to understand the truth and then figure out how to handle it. THE REMIGRANTS is horror at its best as the novel terrifies the audience because the story taps into our most primal fears.

Harriet Klausner


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