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Dreams of Darkness
by Elizabeth K. Burton

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
292 pages; ISBN: 1-894869-80-X

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Mayra Calvani


Brought up by abusive human parents who did everything they could to suppress her true identity, Perian must now come to terms with who she really is—a member of an exotic and forest-wandering race called the Drevnya, a people known for their remarkable powers derived from sensual magic.

But how can Perian come to terms with her true identity when she’s been taught to believe her urges and emotions are evil? The fact is, it is fatal for the Drevnya to repress their emotions, and Perian’s inhibitions could eventually kill her.

Arrogant and devilishly handsome Randrik alt Harbinnen has a very unusual mission. He must seduce Perian in order to unleash her powers, for only Perian holds the key to destroying the imminent evil that threatens to devastate their world. There’s only one problem… Falling in love with Perian was never in his plans.

Written in her lavishly poetic, silkenly sensuous style, Elizabeth K. Burton has created much more than just a simple fantasy story. This is a rich unforgettable tale, filled with dazzling scenes, strong dialogue and vivid personalities. Good vs. evil, old-fashioned adventure and, at the core of it all, a heart-stopping, spine-tingling romance. The reader won’t have a choice but to surrender to the enchantment.


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