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In The Crossfire
by L. R. Bliss

Category: Fiction / Historical
0 pages; ISBN: 158749356-X

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Anne K. Edwards


A heart-breaking tale of people caught in the death and destruction of the Civil War, a time of chaos and pain that brings the futility of war to the family of Paul Wendall when he joins up to protect his home from the marauding Yankees. This is a multi-layered story of the struggle to survive between two warring halves of a nation that comes down to a personal level for the Wendall family. Because of the war, Paul's teenage son, Nathan, learns the lessons of hate when a stranger who is not what he seems enters their home. In being forced into a maturity beyond his experience and years, the boy sees Josiah Simmons as a mortal enemy, a man responsible for his lost childhood. Talented L. R. Bliss has given the reader a look at the horrors of war and its awful aftermath as Paul Wendall follows Stonewall Jackson in his rapid strikes against invading Yankee forces while Josiah Simmons of the Twentieth Maine joins the Army of the Potomac to witness its embarassing retreats. What begins for these two men who see the war as a glorious cause, rapidly becomes something else when they encounter the reality of death and dying in the beautiful mountains of Virginia. More than mere entertainment, this is a book you'll keep to read again.



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