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The Starry Child
by Lynn Hanna

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
288 pages; ISBN: 159105236X

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Starry Child
Lynn Hanna
Novel Books, Sept 2003, 288pp
ISBN 159105236X

Three years have passed since Alan Nielson, a caring father and wonderful husband, died. Alan's positive outlook on life brought energy and stability to anyone he touched. His widow Rainey has had to bury her own grief over the loss of her beloved spouse because their daughter Sasha has not coped at all with the loss of her idolized dad, who affectionately dubbed her the "Queen of the Woodland Fairies". Instead, Sasha has not spoken one coherent word since she learned that her father was never coming home again.

Sasha occasionally speaks in gibberish, leaving the medical profession and unsympathetic neighbors to believe that she should be committed to an institution. Rainey's friend, who never heard the child speak before, recognizes the gibberish as a form of Gaelic. She convinces Stanford University Linguistics Professor Matt MacInnes, who speaks fluent Gaelic, to visit the Nielson home. Shockingly, the little girl and the teacher easily communicate. However, Sasha's story is even more frightening as she describes the tale of a long dead Scottish princess whose mission on earth is being carried out by a small American child.

THE STARRY CHILD is one of the most imaginative love stories to have been published in several years. The mixing of the mystical myths of the Celts with modern day California is brilliantly designed, making for a unique, crisp story line. The three main characters are all warm and real as they struggle to deal with a perilous inevitability that most likely will lead to their doom. If this is any indication of her creative juices, Lynn Hanna has a long time destiny of her own as a very successful writer.
Harriet Klausner


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