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Song of the Bones
by M.K. Preston

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
261 pages; ISBN: 1890768545

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Song of the Bones
M.K. Preston
Intrigue Press, Dec 2003, $24.95, 261 pp.
ISBN: 1890768545

The small rural town of Tetumka, Oklahoma is home to Chantalene Morrell. After a hard adolescence in which the townsfolk though her father was a murderer and she was a witch Chantalene has finally made a place for herself. During the period the locals thought her father was a killer, Thelma Patterson was the only person to really stand by Chantalene who feels indebted to her.

When Billy Ray Patterson shows up in town after walking out on Thelma twenty-eight years ago, she immediately takes him back. Three days later she confides to Chantalene that the man in her house is not her husband. A concerned Chantalene investigates. While returning home with evidence, a car deliberately runs at her. She is knocked out. When she comes to, the evidence is gone and so is Thelma. While the man who was supposed to be Billy Ray is dead with a bullet in his body someone has kidnapped Thelma and wants the stolen money from a casino robbery over two decades ago in exchange for the kidnap victim. Chantalene doesn’t have a clue where the money is or who is holding Thelma.

The heroine of SONG OF THE BONES is a brave and independent woman who will put her own life in danger to save her friend. M.K. Preston is a talented writer who makes a backwater town in rural Oklahoma seem so real, readers will feel they have visited Tetumka. The protagonist marches to her own drummer but endears herself to the audience who sees her as a colorful friend turning this amateur sleuth tale into must reading.

Harriet Klausner


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