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The Kafka Effekt
by D. Harlan Wilson

Category: Fiction / General
211 pages; ISBN: 0971357218

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Paul Lappen


This is a group of very short, and very strange, stories.

The hair growing out of a man's body are all hair-sized clones of Marlon Brando, except for his head and face, which are covered with clones of Michael Wincott, an underrated actor who usually plays a villain. To fight a major case of acne, a man has a baby's bottom grafted on to his face. A man tries to convince his feet not to eat him. A group of professors are trapped in a port-a-john and work to liberate their minds from the boundaries of reason. Dr Thunderlove is a pediatrician whose eyes just happen to be outside his head, perched on the ends of gray-green stalks a half-foot long. A man's ear holes turn into mouths, with teeth and tongues that can taste and talk. At a cocktail party, a man throws himself through a door despite there being a sign on the door that says Open Me Up And Walk Through Me. A man's brain snekas out of his head at night, and the man searches bars and strip clubs for it, sometimes for days. A hermaphrodite gets himself pregnant and gives birth to twins.

I believe that you get the idea. Think William S. Burroughs and Franz Kafka when reading these stories, but read them in small doses, because they are not for everyone. For those who like weird, mind-blowing literature, this is definitely worth reading.



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