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Divas Don’t Fake It and The Princess in Training Manual
by Erica Orloff Orloff & Princess Jacqueline de Soignee

Category: Fiction / General
288 pages; ISBN: 0373250398

Rating: 3/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Divas Don’t Fake It and The Princess in Training Manual
Erica Orloff and Princess Jacqueline de Soignee
Red Dress Ink, Nov 2003, $12.95, 288 pp.
ISBN: 0373250398

“Divas Don’t fake it” by Erica Orloff. Xandra is a diva who uses her skills to full advantage. She explains what diva means so that females will learn about empowerment. She’s not afraid to make a scene, or tell the truth even when it means hurting someone else. Divas are kind to those who deserve their kindness and are honest to a fault. It is not easy loving a diva but those who do find it a rich and rewarding experience because they are very special people who are not afraid to love and be loved. Erica Orloff’s tongue-in-cheek tale “Divas Don’t Fake it” might turn off some readers who think profanity and rough sex is not their cup of tea.

“The Princess In Training Manual” by Princess Jacqueline de Soignee. She is a real princess whose family was saved from Madam Guillotine during the French Revolution by their chamberlain Jacques who whisked them away to Geneva. Princess Jacqueline believes royals are different then commoners but everyone has the potential to bring the inner princess out of hiding and behaving to the manner born. Jacqueline can be kind when it is called for but she has a very high opinion of herself and doesn’t understand when people scorn rather than appreciate royalty. Readers will understand the opposite as Princess Jacqueline will turn off readers except perhaps the Paparazzi and a few royal worshippers.

Though intended as satirical humor, only die hard turn the clock back to the Age of Divine Royalty elitist wannabes will enjoy this duet.

Harriet Klausner


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