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by Anne Logston

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
272 pages; ISBN: 0441006698

Rating: 5/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Melanie C. Duncan


In the sequel to Guardian`s Key, Neve, daughter of the Guardian Valian, journeys from the Crystal Keep in an effort to earn the right to be the next Guardian of the powerful magic Nexus. Neve is an odd combination of callous brutality and incredible naivete. She`s watched the outside world through the scrying mirror, but she has no concept of what a life without ready access to the Nexus`s magic will mean.

Her lessons come quickly and harshly. By bribing a sailor named Ash into helping her, she survives her first mistakes. Ash has his own problems with magic; the man who trained him as a thief used magic to give him slitted eyes to see better at night and monkey-like feet for climbing. As Neve and Ash travel, they grow closer but Neve`s fears about her eventual control, or loss of control, of the Nexus edge her to the breaking point.

Neve is a spoiled brat dealing with a hostile world that doesn`t respond to her whims as easily as the Nexus did, and the plot is a basic fantasy quest with no surprises. For die-hard Logston fans only; her edgier Waterdance provides a more interesting fantasy.


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