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by L.C. Martin

Category: Fiction / Autobiography
183 pages; ISBN: 1413702740

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


L.C. Martin
Publish America, $19.95, 183 pp.
ISBN: 1413702740

Nikki Saunders looks forward to her Key West vacation after working very hard at her job and struggling to end her relationship with a married man. She and her pal Leila drive through the Keys to their destination where they meet two Philadelphians. Nikki cannot stand the pushy guy pursuing her, but Leila and Len Santoro hit it off.

Philadelphia realtor Jason McKenzie regrets not being able to go with his pals to Key West, but has to complete a deal involving a local mobster first. Len tells Jason about Nikki, and he calls her up, shyly asking to meet her. She reluctantly agrees that she might see him when she is in New York on business. Nikki and Jason meet and immediately are attracted to one another. However, the real estate deal for the mob failed to materialize. Not only is Jason in trouble, but anyone close to him is in peril including the woman he now loves.

This romantic suspense will thrill readers because Juanita McClellan takes the time to enable the audience to understand, appreciate, and care about her key cast members. This includes important secondary characters. The lead protagonists will delight sub-genre fans as they struggle with other relationships (not just romantic ones). The story line shifts into gear once Jason and Nikki come together and never slows down until the climax.

Harriet Klausner


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