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Paradox II
by Rosemary Laurey & J.C. Wilder

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
180 pages; ISBN: 1553165861

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


“Adrianna” has lived in the forest for years, conjuring up mists and casting spells to torment the Astrains who destroyed her village and killed her family. When Mark of Windhaw crosses paths with Adrianna she intends to punish him as well. However, after making love with him she learns that he is in the land of Barames to right old wrongs so she lets him go but takes away his memory of her. When she learns that he is in danger, she rushes to save him knowing he will not remember her or the promises they made to each other. Rosemary Laurey has written a beautiful adult erotic fairy tale that will enchant readers.

“Nova” beat Evi in a card game and won a huge pot of gold as well as a slave who she intends to free the moment she can. After eluding Evi’s goons, Wyn and Nova travel to her new home and learn that the former slave is a merman, a highly sexed being who can give mortal women enormous pleasure. Nova, who doesn’t have a lot of respect for men, doubts that. He shows her that a Merman makes love with consideration for their partner. As the merman and the mortal get to know each other, Evi is on his way to recapture what he lost. C.J. Wilder has written a beautiful novella that readers will long remember.

Separately, Rosemary Laurey and J.C. Wilder are magnificent but put their stories back to back and PARADOX II becomes outstanding.

Harriet Klausner


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