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After the Fire
by Kathryn Shay

Category: Fiction / General
384 pages; ISBN: 0425193047

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Near New York City, the Hidden Cove Fire Department responds to the dangerous Sinco fire. Three Malvaso firefighting siblings become trapped inside, but ultimately are rescued. Jenny insists that she, Mitch and Zach pledge to change their messed up personal lives as each one realizes how close to death they came.

Six months later, the three remain on the job, but carry mental scars from the Sinco fire. The vow has not been met.

Jenn tells her platonic duplex house partner Grady O’Connor that she wants his baby through artificial insemination. She refuses to marry as she failed at that once. Grady also has relationship problems that haunt him.

Zach wants to remarry his ex wife Angela, who he treated very badly. He feels jealous when she goes on a date with an assistant principal. However, he is spending quality time with his two preadolescent sons.

Mitch remains in an ugly marriage for the sake of his two teenage children. Newly arrived Detective Megan Hale suggests to Mitch that they need to start a camp to help the children of deceased emergency workers. He loves the idea, but worries about his attraction to Megan.

Though the multiple subplots can be overwhelming at times, readers will appreciate the powerfully written terse emergency situations. The Malvasi clan and the other key characters, except Mitch’s out of control wife, seem genuine in and out of emergency scenarios. Kathryn Shay pays homage to rescue workers with this exhilarating tale that demands a sequel starring Zach and a firewoman who saved his life.

Harriet Klausner


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