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Circle of Desire
by Keri Arthur

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
232 pages; ISBN: 1893896927

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Something is kidnapping children. Gwen and Kat Tanner found two of them, but their souls were ripped out of their bodies. The police think someone mortal is to blame but Gwen and her granddaughter Kat, believe it is an evil spirit known as a mara. In its spirit form, it is invulnerable but when it takes the shape of a human, it can be killed like a regular vampire. Kate and Gwen, members of the Damask Circle, are more than capable of killing the mara because they are shape shifting psychic witches.

One of the missing children is the niece of Ethan Morgan, a police officer who is also a werewolf. He intends to stay with the Tanner women until they find Janie. Kat and Ethan are immediately attracted to one another but he thinks that is only moon fever because a werewolf can only love once and he gave his heart away years ago. As the two shapeshifters battle the evil forces mara throws at them Kat finds herself believing that Ethan is her true love even if he denies it.

Action, romance and magic, all that and more can be found between the pages of CIRCLE OF DESIRE. Keri Arthur is one of the bright shining lights in the paranormal genre and each book she writes is fascinating, seductive and spellbinding. Her latest is no exception and the fact that her two lead proponents are both shifters makes the romance that much more interesting.

Harriet Klausner


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