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Any Man So Daring
by Sarah A. Hoyt

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
336 pages; ISBN: 044101092X

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Christopher Marlowe was considered the leading playwright of the sixteenth century until he dies. His mantle after a brief vacuum passed on to William Shakespeare, who has problems coping with fame now that the Elizabethan court recognizes his talent. He knows that Marlowe’s death and his own dealings with the Elven king Quicksilver were the catalyst. He deeply regrets the price feeling he lost more than he gained by his encounter with the elves and remains haunted by Marlowe who Will knows died at the hands of a malevolent essence.

William learns that his son Hamnet has been abducted in the elven forest. Distraught the playwright concludes that Quicksilver kidnapped his son. When he races to the woods near his hometown of Stratford to confront Quicksilver, he finds out that his nemesis is innocent, but a blood relative of the King has set in motion a plot to take over the throne. Will William and Quicksilver partner to save a lad and a throne or is the past too much to overcome?

The third Shakespeare fantasy tale retains all the fun, excitement, and magic of its delightful predecessors (see ILL MET BY MOONLIGHT and ALL NIGHT AWAKE). The story line is action-packed and the cast (historical human, literary human, elven, and other supernatural creatures) is fascinating. Readers see a wildly different Shakespeare from the legendary author as he struggles with the otherworldly, what happened to his friend and rival, and now his son. Sara A. Hoyt brings new meaning to the Bard as she provides a delightful Elizabethan fantasy thriller that demands more such tales (Canterbury anyone?).

Harriet Klausner


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