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Dream Quest
by J.C. Wilder & Linnea Sinclair Sinclair

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
340 pages; ISBN: 1553164946

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


What do you call an anthology filled with futuristic, paranormal and supernatural stories all filled with romance? Outstanding is one word that springs to mind while Phantasmagorical is another. These nine stories are written by the most imaginative and creative authors in the sub-genre loosely labeled speculative romantic fiction.

In “The Girl In The Box” by Janet Miller, Amirlla Asheras works third shift on space station Blue while communicating with her friend Garth on the space freighter Noble Cause. She refuses to let him see her or meet with her because she doesn’t want to see the pity in his eyes when he finds out she is handicapped. It is only when a near tragedy occurs does she realize love transcends all obstacles. This beautiful futuristic love will acquaint readers with a very talented author.

Readers who loved Rosemary Laurey’s dragon and a human love story in Paradox will want to read Kallaayt’s tale. Arragh’s friend, the dragon Kallaayt, expects that his mate Gwen will welcome him with open arms even though she never saw him in his dragon form. When he goes to fetch her, he finds her pregnant by a man who raped her and in her shame refuses to believe he wants her anyway. Finding a way to tell her he is a dragon and can take her away from the town that punishes her proves to be an almost impossible task, almost as hard as punishing the bishop who wants to prevent Gwen from leaving the brothel. As always Rosemary Laurey writes a memorable tale.

J.C. Wilder tells a beautiful romantic fantasy of an immortal she-elf who lives under a curse. Any man that kisses her turns into a stone statue of a gargoyle. Only the kiss of her true love will set her free but after two centuries she gives up hope and prepares to kill herself. That is when an injured Ranolf enters her life and changes everything.

Other authors in this anthology include Linnea Sinclair with a fabulous tale as well (wish she would publish a big book soon,( hint hint) as CB Scott, Ellen Edgar, Isabo Kelly, K.G. McAbe and Donna MacMeans.

Harriet Klausner


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