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A Perfect Day
by Richard Paul Evans Evans

Category: Fiction / General
300 pages; ISBN: 0525947655

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Robert Harlan loves his wife Allyson and their daughter, but detests his job as radio station sales representative. Instead he dreams of one day becoming a writer. When he loses his job, Allyson encourages him to write a book. He authors A PERFECT DAY that focuses in on the final days of the loving relationship between his spouse and her father, dying from cancer.

The book is a monster success and Robert becomes an instant celebrity. He goes on a book tour and is the idol of women wherever he goes. Soon Robert loses sight of what he cherishes most in the world as he is caught up in the glitter and the adulation. His marriage is near collapse when an angel warns Robert that he has forty days to live. Stunned by the revelation, Robert reassesses what is meaningful in his life is to love and be loved. This is what he once had and probably lost, but he plans to die trying to regain the respect and love of his cherished wife and daughter.

This is a delightful modern day cautionary tale focusing on not losing sight of what is important in life. Robert is a great lead protagonist as his metamorphosis from living family member to glamour outsider seems so real. The angel’s hep rap may turn off some readers, but that adds to the overall effect. Richard Paul Evans provides a powerful tale with some sugar coating, but no one will come away dry.

Harriet Klausner


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