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Agents of Light and Darkness
by Simon R. Green

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
240 pages; ISBN: 0441011136

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Private investigator John Taylor works London’s Nightside where gods, angels, demons and monsters hang out at three in the morning. He currently meets with Jessica Sorrow, perhaps the most dangerous essence in town. She believes in nothing so strongly she can turn anyone into nothingness. He survives that encounter at St. Jude, the only church in town, by giving her something to believe in her childhood teddy bear.

As John leaves, he sees a bedraggled soul shouting he owns the Grail. John wonders if the Holy Grail may actually be in Nightside. He begins a search, but this is not Jesus’ Last Supper cup. This artifact is Judas’ Unholy Grail also from the treacherous Last Supper. John knows that if he finds the evil cup, he must be extra cautious. He fears its power to corrupt the most innocent soul. He also knows all the creatures of the night want the evil goblet that would give them immense power.

The NIGHTSIDE novels are a great blending of Lovecraft and Holmes that becomes a delightful private investigative fantasy tale. The latest entry is an action-packed thriller in which John searches for the Unholy Grail while the AGENTS OF LIGHT AND DARKNESS plan to take away the object if he succeeds on his quest. John is a tremendous protagonist who serves as the focus that makes this eerie center of weirdness seem real. Anyone who appreciates a well-written offbeat story will want to journey to Nightside. However, upon return to reality fans will ponder what type of mind could create such an awesome strange story like this one.

Harriet Klausner


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