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Finders Keepers
by James Arthur Anderson

Category: Fiction / Horror
192 pages; ISBN: 1592862616

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Kathryn Lively


Down on his luck and agonizing over giving his little boy a proper Christmas, Larry Nash feels a momentary surge of elation upon finding a stray, albeit unusual, wallet at the mall. The ten, crisp one hundred dollar bills are a welcome sight, and playing by the "finder keepers" rule Larry makes the second biggest mistake of the day, then tries to redeem himself by mailing the wallet and the strange miniature figurines to its owner.

Larry's first mistake, as he soon discovers, was picking up the wallet in the first place. "Finders keepers" apparently works both ways as the wallet finds its way back to him, despite anonymous mailings. Even scarier are the figurines, which transport Larry to another dimension right at the moment where the person represented is killed. Explaining this phenomena is impossible, as his boss and ex-wife are convinced Larry is back on the bottle.

The only person who doesn't need convincing is Rowena, who watches helplessly as one by one loved ones are mysteriously eliminated. She is certain her half-sister, the occult-obsessed Jessie, is the cause as she plows through the family tree in order to collect an ancient legacy guaranteed to bring pain and suffering to many more people. Rowena's alliance with Larry, she believes, can stop the evil, though Larry wonders if he is up for the challenge.

FINDERS KEEPERS weaves fantasy, horror and the mysteries of the occult into a chilling tale spawned from the classic good versus evil thread. As a reluctant hero, Larry Nash is conflicted and complex, spurred into action when the evil literally hits home and torn between a fascination with the beautiful "Queen of Wands" and the family life he wants to regain. Moments of graphic narrative do not make for a story for young adults, but anyone interested in the mysterious side to horror.


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