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Jumping in Sunset
by Dawn Ringling

Category: Fiction / General
323 pages; ISBN: 1590522273

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


After they celebrate his birthday at a restaurant, on their way back to their Minneapolis home, Paul Thornton drops a bombshell on his wife of two decades Pamela. Without any warning or sign he tells her he's divorcing her and intends to marry Dana, the woman he is running a church program with. Paul also says that he and his intended are moving to California where he has a new job waiting for him.

At first Pamela can't function, rejecting the well-meaning kindness of her friends and church until Starla offers the use of a summer cabin at Sunset Lake. Pamela finds peace there and reconnects with an old school friend who is a famous composer of Christian music. Pamela hopes that Paul will return to her, but as time goes by she realizes that she has to get on with her life. She takes her photograph career in a new direction, buys a winterized cabin, and slowly starts to let go of the past to the point where one day she hopes to forgive Paul and Dana.

The heroine is a strong, tough and independent woman even though she is unaware of these qualities that make her a survivor. Paul is made too easy to dislike because he has carried on for years with Dana and he is emotionally cruel to his wife by telling her he never loved her. Readers hearts will go out to the woman scorned and hope she can let go of her anger to take a second chance at love. This is a warm and poignant tale that will leave readers emotionally gratified.

Harriet Klausner


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