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   The Killer Angels

The Killer Angels
by Michael Shaara

Category: Fiction / Historical
378 pages; ISBN: 0-86241-698-1

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Dan Champion


On June 15 1863 the confederate Army of Northern Virginia, Robert E. Lee commanding, slips across the Potomac to begin the invasion of the North. It is an army of 70,000 men. They are mostly unpaid and usually self-equipped. It is an army of remarkable unity fighting for disunion. It has won nearly every battle it has fought. It is commanded by one of the greatest generals in history.

Late in June the Union army of the Potomac turns North to begin the great pursuit. It is an army of 80,000 men used to defeat and retreat. They believe it will be the last great battle of the war.

Shaara`s account of the Battle of Gettysburg is not only a superbly detailed examination of the machinations of the battle itself, but also of the fundamental issues which led to the Civil War. The book follows several key players on each side of the battle, from the events leading up to the battle through to its conclusion on 4th July. As with Shelby Foote`s Shiloh, it is the intimate portrayal of individuals and their personal battles and triumphs which lends The Killer Angels its tremendous power and vividity.

If you have an interest in the American Civil War and have not read this novel go and buy it now. If you have no such interest, read it anyway, you`ll be massively moved by its sweeping drama. Highly recommended.


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