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A Fortress of Grey Ice
by J.V. Jones

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
672 pages; ISBN: 0765306336

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Though they know this is probably their last stand as a people, the Sull prepare for war. Their only hope of defeating the overwhelmingly superior forces of the Endlords resides in their most sacred warrior the Reach, but Ash March is nowhere in sight, as she was not raised amidst her tribe.

Meanwhile Raif Sevrance remains a hunted outcast from his Clan Blackhail for accusing the new chief of arranging the assassinations of their respective fathers. However, he can no longer brood over his fate and what he lost because his destiny resides with Ash. Together they may save a world; separately both will die. Raif must find her, but that means traveling through the most feared place on the orb, the Want where the Fortress of Grey Ice lies. If he is fortunate to reach his destination with certain death at every step, then his quest to save a world begins. Still without Ash and her power at his side even early success will prove futile.

Though a second book in a trilogy, A FORTRESS OF GREY ICE avoids the filler feel of many middle tales by moving the quest forward with exciting adventures. The key to this book is the lead charcaters and the various races that seem genuine; this makes the world seem very real. The introduction will help readers like this reviewer remember what happened before, but it is better to re-read the first novel (see A CAVERN OF BLACK ICE). Fans of epic fantasy will enjoy this powerful entry and look forward to the final tale, hopefully with less of a time lapse, but of the same quality.

Harriet Klausner


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