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Bare Bones
by Kathy Reichs Unabridged Audio Cassette

Category: Fiction / Mystery
6 pages; ISBN: 0-7435-2982-0

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: BarbaraLyn


I have read several of Kathy Reichs’ books featuring Tempe Brennan and was thoroughly enthralled with them. So, I expected Bare Bones to follow in this same pattern. After listening to the first tape, I was read to give up. These chapters contained lots of what I thought was unrelated information. What I found out by listening to the whole book was that this was, in my opinion, extraneous detail.

The remains of a newborn was found in a wood stove and I thought the book was off and running in the “keeping a reader on the edge” style in which Ms. Reichs usually writes. Then came details about a bear bone find with more detail than I thought necessary to the rest of the book. Yet, it did have to do with the story line but the time spent reading about them was in such a large quantity that I was ready to not finish the book.

I continued on though and was glad I did. After the first tape, the story continued the budding relationship between Andrew Ryan and Tempe and all the regular characters were there, Boyd, the dog; Katy, Tempe’s daughter; and, of course, Birdie, the cat cannot be forgotten.

A plane crashes in the mountains and burns causing the bodies to be unrecognizable. Bones are discovered at a Charlotte farm. With these happenings, a story begins that kept me interested in finishing the book. It tells a tale of what people will do to each other and for money. The reader needs to pay close attention to all the characters. They are all tied together but in such a way that if the reader loses track of who’s who, confusion will set in. There are many more people to keep straight than normal in a book from Kathy Reichs. Once again, Tempe’s abilities as a forensic anthropologist are needed to solve these puzzling and intertwined mysteries. The medical details are great and given in enough detail as to make the book interesting but not detailed enough to be gruesome.

The ending has a twist that I did not see coming but tied the book all together which is what a great book is suppose to do. The very last chapter is given over to Andrew and Tempe’s long awaited vacation together and gives promise to a more intense relationship for them in future books.



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