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The Good House
by Tananarive Due

Category: Fiction / Horror
480 pages; ISBN: 0743449002

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Two years ago Angela Toussaint and husband Tariq Hill went to her family home in Sacajawea, Washington to save their marriage. Angela hoped that some of that mystical healing that her grandmother provided to the locals, who dubbed the place the GOOD HOUSE, would turn the trick, but tragedy occurred with her beloved Corey lies laying on the kitchen floor bleeding from a gunshot wound. Her sandwich relatives died in this house and her mother committed suicide here years ago.

Two years later, divorced and somewhat recovered but still shaky, Angela returns to the house that she inherited because someone wants to buy it. Angela soon realizes that her beloved Corey found her deceased granny’s magic tools to include the misuse of her gift by enacting revenge on a racist incident. Others have also died. Tariq, who suffered from the guilt of knowing his son died using his gun, has turned into a malevolent being under the house's influence. Angela prepares for a final confrontation that has only her former boyfriend Myles Fisher standing by her side against Tariq and the GOOD HOUSE.

Fans of the classic haunted house story will fully enjoy this rich tale that uses the typical elements strengthened by moral responsibility of a member of a family. The story line is powerfully written as it grips the reader inside a potent supernatural plot enhanced by occurrences like racism and ethics to the community. Angela, the core of the horror, is a believable character. She keeps the terrific tale together as she changes from disbeliever to skeptic to born again challenger of the evil that resides within the GOOD HOUSE that turned bad.

Harriet Klausner


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