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Laws of the Blood: Heroes
by Susan Sizemore Sizemore

Category: Fiction / Horror
288 pages; ISBN: 044101108X

Rating: 10/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Council makes the laws that govern vampire security and the Enforcers make sure that all Strigori follow the rules if they want to live (in an undead fashion). All Enforcers come from the Nighthawk line of changed nosferatu, but many other vampires feel that these are no longer of their species and must be destroyed.

Martina, a vampire who works at Vegas’ Six Road Hotel and Casino, wants to see the Nighthawk line die out and she will use any means at her disposal to see that is happens. Nighthawk Enforcers Char McCairn, and her human lover Jebel Haven arrive in Las Vegas to attend the wedding of a former vampire companion to a mortal. Reclusive Nighthawk Valentine and potential Enforcer Geoff Sterling arrive in Las Vegas to check out their investment. All four of these people get caught up in the rogue vampire’s scheme and know that if they survive each one will come away from the encounter changed in ways they can not imagine.

Susan Sizemore has created a believable vampire community participating yet hidden within human society. In that environs reside sympathetic characters that believe that it is possible to live a good life without harming mortals. LAWS OF THE BLOOD: HEROES builds on previous books in the series and has a fascinating cliff hanger ending that will make readers want to purchase the next book in this exciting series as soon as its published. This gripping chiller with a touch of romance will really sink its teeth into the minds of the audience.

Harriet Klausner


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