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Krondor:Tear Of The Gods
by Raymond E. Feist

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
368 pages; ISBN: 0380978008

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The race to gain the holiest relic of Midkemia, the Tear of the god, is on between the malevolent forces of Sidi vs. the magician Jazhara and his side. If the evil sorcerer Sidi gains the gem, he will control Krondor because the Tear enables the possessor to communicate with the Gods. To do so, Sidi sends a killing machine, Bear the Pirate, to bring back the gem. Jazhara and his cohorts sail to keep the gem safe.

However, with Krondor's strongest protectors out at sea, criminal mastermind Crawler begins his plan to wreck havoc on Krondor. Time is running out as the two frontal attacks leave Krondor in jeopardy. The heroes must stop Bear, gain control of the Tear of the Gods, and return in time to prevent the Crawler's bloody massacre.

KRONDOR: TEAR OF THE GODS is the third fantasy tale in Raymond E. Feist's Krondor series. As with THE BETRAYAL and THE ASSASSINS, the story line is non-stop action and adventure on an epic scale. Sub-genre fans will fully enjoy Mr. Feist's fantasy feast, as the gifted author knows how to spin quite a tale. References to the first two books might slightly confuse new fans, who should read the first two books in order before trying this one to enhance the flavor of a cleverly designed plot. Still, this tale for the most part stands alone as a well-written novel that will provide much enjoyment to its readers.

Harriet Klausner


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