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The Emerald Dagger
by Barbara M. Hodges

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
341 pages; ISBN: 0974084816

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


For seven years Regan Cafferty thought her sister Kelsey died until the Daradawn Mage Peter Canterville arrived at her San Francisco apartment to inform her that her sibling needed her help as she has the power of the BLUE FLAME. Disbelieving until she crosses the rift into his world she joins forces with her sister and falls in love with her escort. (See the BLUE FLAME for the delightful details). Her forces win a medieval style battle enhanced by magic on both sides, but the deadliest of the enemy Dirrk the dark mage escapes through a magical portal. Regan and Peter marry just before Kelsey returns to earth.

Seven years later, Dirkk returns to Daradawn with plans to destroy his enemies Regan and Peter, and take the crown from Queen Tessa. This time Dirkk will not underestimate his foes as he did in the last confrontation. His diabolical plan uses an assortment of pawns like fairies and dragons and innocent children to conquer his opponents. With the seven-year rift opening, Kelsey has returned only to find war everywhere with no one not even those who share blood or love can be trusted as Dirkk’s evil has permeated everyone.

The first novel, THE BLUE FLAME, was a strong epic fantasy that had the reader believe in Daradawn and the once in seven-year bridge between worlds. This tale is an even greater book as Barbara M. Hodges paints a vivid picture of her magical realm, but Dirkk seems more genuine as a clever but malevolent strategist. Fans of deep sword and sorcery tales will appreciate this fast-paced story that connects Earth with Daradawn.

Harriet Klausner


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