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Thief of Olympus
by Elizabeth Rose

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
194 pages; ISBN: 1930076096

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Princess Lysandra respects the ways of her people the Amazons except for the killing of male babies even if they are sacrificed to Artemis. She vows that one day when she is queen she will stop that practice. For now Lysandra must pray that her firstborn is female for her mother Queen Medorawould would kill a baby grandson, but cherish a granddaughter.

Queen Medora selects prisoner Zarak, King of Thrace and a former thief, to mate with Lysandra. He proves no chains can bind him and informs his Amazon that he willingly was caught because he plans to impregnate her as he needs a male heir. Nine months later, Zarak rejoices as Lysandra gives birth to a boy, but must act fast because Queen Medora plans to sacrifice the male tot. As the two join forces to save the child through the completion of a dangerous quest, only one of them can win with the people of the loser in jeopardy. The last thing either can afford is to fall in love, but that emotion is as capricious as the Gods they worship.

No one does the Greek mythos justice like the fantastic Elizabeth Rose does. THIEF OF OLYMPUS is the third delightful such novel that this reviewer has had the pleasure reading by this mythologist and like the first two (see THE ORACLE OF DELPHI and KYROS' SECRET) is a powerful tale that tells the story of the Amazons. The plot is filled with action and moral dilemmas that impact the lead couple. Fans of Greek mythology will enjoy this tale and look forward to the next book, THE PANDORA CURSE.

Harriet Klausner


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