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Midnight Harvest
by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Category: Fiction / Horror
434 pages; ISBN: 0446532401

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Imagine witnessing the rise and fall of the Egyptian and Roman Great Empires. Ferenc Ragoczy, The Comte de Saint-Germain, walked the Earth when Nineva and Tyre fell, met Ghengis Kahn and Imbhtep of Egypt. He is a vampire over four million years old and travels the Earth with his friend and manservant Rogerio who happens to be a youthful two million-year-old ghoul.

At present, Saint-Germain is in Spain on the cusp of it’s 1930s civil war and the army plans to confiscate his airplane manufacturing plant. Through careful planning he and Rogerio are able to escape Spain on the very eve of his arrest to travel to the United States to check up on his investments and see Rowena Saxon who shares the blood bond with him. An assassin is sent from Spain to kill Saint-Germain so that the confiscation of his property will not end up in the Spanish courts but the vampire ignores the signs of the assassin’s search for him until he starts attacking the vampire’s loved ones.

In MIDNIGHT HARVEST, Saint-Germaine is becoming aware that advancing technology is making the world too small for him and his kind to easily blend into accepted normal society. This is how Chelsea Quinn Yarbro keeps her hero fresh through his long literary history by forcing Saint-Germain to deal with the advances of the age in which the plot takes place. The story line is taut and Saint-Germane and his ilk are fascinating as is his opponents. It should prove interesting to see how he copes in the twenty-first century if the author goes that route one day. This novel is an excellent thriller wrapped inside a horror tale.

Harriet Klausner


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