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   Manhattan Is My Beat

Manhattan Is My Beat
by Jeffery Deaver

Category: Fiction / Crime
294 pages; ISBN: 0340771054

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Luke Croll


'Manhattan Is My Beat' is one of Deaver's first novels and has been
available in America for a long time, although it has only just been
published in the UK, presumably cashing in on Deaver's growing

Rune is twenty, living in Manhattan and working in a video shop. Her
favourite customer is a lonely man called Mr. Kelly who continuously
rents the same film. It is based on a bank heist and a missing million
dollars. Rune is picking up this tape from Kelly's apartment when she
finds him shot to death. She's certain that the key to the mystery is
somewhere in the film…

The first thing that has to be said is that Deaver's writing has
certainly changed. If you compare this book to the Lincoln Rhyme series,
the latter clearly shows stronger writing and a more powerful plot. This
is not to say that 'Manhattan Is My Beat' is lacking, but more that you
can tell it is one of his earlier novels.

The main character, Rune, is a puzzle and someone with whom I found it
quite hard to identify. She lives in a fairytale world, but at the same
time, seems vaguely streetwise. You could understand why she would want
to see her friend's killer found, but to me, it didn't ring true that
she plunge into the case herself.

Deaver includes his customary plot twists, some of which I did not see
coming and some of which I did. His other characters are interesting,
although the bad guys seemed rather flat to me.

Overall, 'Manhattan Is My Beat' is not a bad novel. However, I feel that
the problem is that I am judging it on the strength of Deaver's latest
works, which makes this one seem rather inferior. Nevertheless, Deaver
fans should have a read of it, but do not expect a fantastic novel.


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