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The Lost Steersman
by Rosemary Kirstein

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
432 pages; ISBN: 0345462297

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


On a world where man made satellites orbit the sky, humanity has developed to a medieval level. Steerswomen are taught how to gather knowledge and spread it to all that are interested. Rowan has discovered that the wizard Slado is using a magical spell known as the Routine Bioform clearance to rain down invisible heat on the Outskirts. If he continues to do so, the outskirters will spread into the Inner Lands and the two societies would then be at war.

In hopes of stopping Slado, Rowan travels to the Annex in the town of Alemeth hoping to find a clue hat would help her locate the wizard. She discovers a disgraced steersman who explains why he quit the guild. Not long after that, Slado’s minions from the Outskirters start appearing and kill anyone whom gets in their way. Only Janus has a magical talisman that can hold these creatures off but he is captured and taken away by boat to what Rowan believes is Slado’s lair, in an unexplored part of the planet. Rowan follows Janus, using his notes and charts to guide her but when she arrives at her destination, she finds something truly terrifying being perpetrated that she must find a way to stop.

THE LOST STEERSMAN, the sequel to THE STEERSWOMAN and THE OUTSKIRTER’S ESCORT raises more questions than it answers. There is bound to be at least one more book in this exciting series about a world where science is considered magic, yielded by wizards who are actually scientists. Rosemary Kirstein given the reader a colorful and detailed look at the protagonist’s world, one filled with wonder and things waiting to be discovered.

Harriet Klausner


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