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Caleng and the Moonstone Pearl
by Maria Romero

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
322 pages; ISBN: 1-4107-4611-9

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Book Category: Children’s Fantasy/Fiction

Author: M. Romero

“For though the faerie realm remains distant from our own world, there are times and places where these two worlds meet, where a traveler may wander into this hidden place. But keep in mind that evil resides in all parts of both worlds, deep in the back of every human mind -in the darkest corner.”

Caleng the faerie prince, son of King Perret, finds himself on a dangerous quest. A journey against the darkest of evils that takes him far from his home, the land of Goliad and the castle of Brzden. He meets the beautiful Gn’dhl, Oracle and guide of the realm of Faye and realizes that his life is about to change forever. Caleng’s quest to find Fyn’hazzmhn the great wizard who was banished from Goliad by King Perret, his now long lost and imprisoned father, leads him to strange and mysterious lands and hazardous adventures.

Author, Maria Romero brings the complex yet endearing characters to life with vivid descriptions and strategically placed humor. The picturesque descriptions of the landscape help the reader to imagine the whimsical and magical locations that Caleng visits.

Characters, both good and evil come to life in this mythical fantasy. Caleng is a curious, mischievous boy whose greatest wish is to be a wizard like the great Andrade. We meet Jwbrylla, a plain cranky, stubborn old witch and her closest companion, Hollorbab, a wisecracking bird. The ten and a half foot tall, six hundred and twenty pound Dryad named Quiggles is the kindhearted guardian of our hero Prince Caleng.

Children ages 12 and up will enjoy this book, which takes place in a world of faeries, elves, witches and wizards. The book has a simplistic charm, is well written and will captivate young readers. The author has a fascinating character in Caleng who I am sure we will see in many future sequels. Visit: to see future publications and for order info.

TITLE: Caleng and the Moonstone Pearl
AUTHOR: Maria Romero
ISBN: 1-4107-4611-9 (S)
1-4107-6211-4 (H)
Length: 332 pages
Price: $13.50 paperback



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