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Challenge the Wind
by Debra Tash

Category: Fiction / Historical
260 pages; ISBN: 159279221

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


During the war in upstate New York between the American colonies and the British, Matthew Smith leads five British deserters on the lam. Needing help for his severely injured Sergeant Quinn, who as acted like a father to the frightened Matthew, he and three others break into a house where Sarah Lloyd, her two sons and her father reside. Matthew forces the hostages to tend to Quinn’s wound. However, Sarah’s nurturing changes Matthew into wanting to help her.

In Pennsylvania, Sarah’s husband Jonathan and their son Adam fight for the colonies. When Jonathan dies in battle, Adam becomes numb to the death and injuries around him. This state of mind enables him to provide medical help to the injured.

In British occupied Philadelphia, Adam’s twin Molly lives with her haughty Loyalist uncle and cunning cousin Stephen. A British officer, Major Allen moves in with them and he quickly finds himself attracted to Molly. She reciprocates, but he is British and she is American. Soon these five people will meet up with love being the only succor during an age of death.

CHALLENGE THE WIND is a powerful American revolutionary War tale that dispenses a deep look at the impact of war on a family and those who come into their circle. The novel captures the souls of the audience through its powerful characterizations. However, the key to this strong historical story is the underlying theme that no matter how noble the cause war is hell on not just the combatants, but the loved ones waiting behind for news that those they cherish still live.

Harriet Klausner


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