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Johnny Jingle
by Thomas Zarraonandia

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
30 pages; ISBN: 0-9741070-0-X

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Margaret Chapman


Artist and author Thomas Zarraonandia tells a charming tale of a young boy and his shadow in "Johnny Jingle".

With retro styled illustrations by the author, who is also a well known artist and plenty of rhymes and familiar characters from children's nursery tales, "Johnny Jingle" is the perfect tale for beginning readers.

The story is sure to delight children, especially those who have just discovered their own shadows and who often wonder where their shadows go when they can't see them.

Children will love joining Johnny Jingle as he sets out to find his own missing shadow, searching in town, in the forest and even in Mother Goose Land. Familiar nursery rhyme characters join Johnny in the search for his shadow, as Johnny looks everywhere possible in the hope of finding it.

Johnny Jingle promises to be a story children will want to read over and over again. As the tale progresses perhaps children will wonder where their own shadows go on rainy days and what the shadows do when the children aren't around.



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