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Extreme Passion
by H.D. Ezzat PageFree Publishing, Inc.

Category: Fiction / General
144 pages; ISBN: 1-58961-053-9

Rating: 4/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Margaret Chapman


Bad editing ruins a interesting story line, much to my dismay on this story that could otherwise be a very good read. The main character, James Leland, is strong and complex enough to be nearly the perfect anti-hero. You find yourself liking James even though part of you recognizes that he is a very self-centered and shallow person.

In the course of the story he uses women as though they are of no consequence, has an affair with the wife of a good friend and stands by while partner gets involved with mob. Having said all of this you would think James would be an easy character to hate but the author does a great job of making him human enough for the reader to identify with him. You will be routing for the James to have some kind of epiphany by the end of the book, knowing for certain that his character isn't all bad.

Sadly, the editing borders on just plain awful, with tense shifts, misspellings and tons of grammatical mistakes. Hopefully the author will take steps to rectify this matter as the book has tons of promise if done correctly. In the meantime, if you like a good story enough to wade through the aggravating grammatical faux-pas the story is good. The author deserves credit for a story that is interesting and exciting. Hopefully we'll see this soon in a redone version. It would be well worth the read with a good editing.



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