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The White Dragon
by Laura Resnick

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
494 pages; ISBN: 0312890567

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


After centuries of foreign tyranny, led by Josarin the Firebringer, the island people of Sileria have thrown out their alien masters the Valdani and gained freedom. To succeed at his endeavor, Josarian merged opposing groups into a force, but once victory was achieved, the band split into the bitter rivals they had been before the Firebringer united them. The termination of the confederation occurs when The Waterlord White Dragon of Kilorian kills Josarian. Civil war between the fire sorcerers and the Honored Society led by its notorious water wizards breaks out.

Josarian trusted second in command Tansen is the last hope for freedom on the island. Mirabar had previously led her people in the revolt. She must decide whether to trust her natural enemy Tansen or ally herself with her side of the civil war. The problem she confronts is that this Tansen is in her visions and dreams seemingly as the anointed one the Gods said was coming to lead all people.

The first tale in the “In Fire Forged” series is an action packed, exciting fantasy that provides a key message involving freedom in a land in which recent history is brutally tyrannical. The story line works because key players like Tansen and Mirabar seem real in a realm where Gods interfere in everyday life and magic works. Fans of powerful fantasy will want to read THE WHITE DRAGON: IN FIRE FORGED AS Laura Resnick proves she more than just the daughter of a renowned author, but instead Mike is the father of a renowned writer.

Harriet Klausner


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