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Hell's Faire
by John Ringo

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
312 pages; ISBN: 0743436040

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Posleen appear unbeatable as the millions of alien invaders are conquering the Earth. Humanity is rapidly becoming extinct under the endless horde, especially since the adaptable Posleen have stolen advanced technology from some other race and applied mankind’s military strategy to insure total victory.

The next major confrontation is at the Rabun Pass in North Carolina where millions of Posleen soldiers are pushing to break the last organized human resistance in North America. The 555th Mobile Infantry block the pass, but if the aliens break through, mankinds reign on planet earth will be through too. Supplies, including ammo, is low and the logistics system is broken so here is no hope for humanity from that quarter. Still Major Mike O’Neal and his intrepid forces know what is at stake with their hope resting on the Bun-Bun supertank that can destroy millions in the blink of a Posleen eye.

When it comes to action packed military science fiction few if any are better at hooking the audience than John Ringo is. His latest Posleen vs. the earth tale never slows down (except for some amusing observational asides). HELL’S FAIRE is well written and contains significant timely moral dilemmas such as first strike (Iraq) and nuking a portion of one’s homeland for the better good (Fail Safe). Mr. Ringo provides a dark story with the glimmer of light being the quips, including the great ventriloquist Sluggy Freelance comic strip, that are trademarks of why the author’s works always soar above the competition. Throw in a CD (not sure what it does – I barely read(joke) and the audience receives quite a novel.

Harriet Klausner


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