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The Elementals
by Morgan Llywelyn

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
303 pages; ISBN: 0765306972

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


“Water”. The melting of the ice caps leads to the great flood destroying Atlantis. Few survive the calamity, but Kesair leads the small band in a desperate search for land that takes them to Emerald Isle in hopes of starting over

“Fire”. If you can make it in the palaces of Crete, you can make it anywhere thinks talented musician Meriones. When the volcano erupts, spewing fire everywhere, Meriones struggles not just to survive, but to rethink his philosophy of life. He now understands that man proposes, nature disposes.

“Earth”. Good old Earth allegedly has no feelings as mankind goes about destroying it. Tell New England housewife Annie Murphy that Earth lacks compassion as she is the demanded sacrifice or else the planet has nasty plans for mankind.

“Air”. Several millenniums have passed since Kesair survived the sinking of Atlantis. The Earth has seen what man has done and become. George Burningfeather leads the final battle of survival though it seems obvious that mankind’s reign is done.

This is a cautionary “anthology” consisting of four warning novellas that if humanity does not change and take care of the planet, the Earth will react. The first two tales are incredibly powerful ancient historical stories that adhere to the warning theme inside an exciting narrative. The “Earth” story seems a bit flat compared to the previous duo while the “Air’ contribution will leave readers breathless. Superb admonitory ecological allegory that not so gaily asks, “What’s Going On” while forewarning that “in the Year 2525...”

Harriet Klausner


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