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One Knight Only
by Peter David

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
384 pages; ISBN: 0441010571

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Legends never die they just wait to be reborn in another time and place. King Arthur the Pendragon slept in a secret cave for over a millennium until he was needed again and Merlin woke him from his enchanted slumber. Arthur was running for Mayor of New York when he met his reincarnated wife and remarried her. When terrorists blow up whole blocks of New York City, Arthur and Gwen were right in the middle of the rescue efforts and their heroics captured the heart of America.

Arthur ran for president as an independent and won but during his term he lost Merlin who was turned into a stone statue by a Basilisk. Arthur and Gwen carried out the war on terrorism until Gwen was shot by an assassin’s bullet leading to Arthur resigning the presidency. With Percival, the last Immortal Knight, he travels to Pus Island, which is presided over by Gilgamesh. There they hope to find the Holy Grail, which is Gwen’s only hope of survival, but first they must battle enemies both human and immortal.

ONE KNIGHT ONLY is a twenty-first century rendition of the Arthurian legend and the once and Future Kind loses none of his majesty and valor in a modern setting. Gilgamesh, who is two-thirds god and one third human, is the perfect opponent for the Pendragon since they are both imbued with magic. Peter David has written a fantasy novel that incorporates modern day terrorism into the Arthurian legend.

Harriet Klausner


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