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Walk Into the Flame
by Ronda Thompson

Category: Fiction / Historical
384 pages; ISBN: 0843951192

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The New Mexico Mescalero Indians raised Rachel as one of their own after her father abandoned her. However, unable to ignore her white heritage and fearing her love for Swift Buck, Silent Wind left the tribe to live in the white world. She not only deserted the people who nurtured her, but also destroyed the love of Swift Buck.

For five years an abashed Rachel watches the harassment and murder of her former tribe even on their reservation. She returns to her tribe with a deep desire to help in the fight against the hell that the whites have imposed on her people. Angry at her for leaving and at the whites for killing his fellow Apaches including his wife, White Buck abducts Rachel. He plans to use her as a pawn enabling him to flee the infernal jail the soldiers call a reservation, but did not count on their former love rekindling even brighter than before.

Though the romance is a subplot, WALK INTO THE FLAME reads more like a deep historical fiction than a love story. The tale provides a dark often-gritty look at the nineteenth century mistreatment of Indians by Federal agents and soldiers, and other Americans. Ronda Thompson provides plenty of action with strong charcaters, but readers seeking an Indian romance need to look elsewhere. However, those in the audience who appreciate deep realism that condemns anyone taking away the inalienable basic rights of an individual (to include the male lead making a hostage out of the female protagonist), a people, and a way of life will want to read WALK INTO THE FLAME.

Harriet Klausner


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