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The Blood Ruby
by M.A. DuBarry

Category: Fiction / Horror
94 pages; ISBN: 1592799361

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Vampyre Abhartach yields the magical ancient sword THE BLOOD RUBY to execute his cousin Quentin Moore of Dun Drac’ola. However, instead of slicing off his head, somehow the sword shatters when contacting Quentin’s neck.

Vampyre Fairy Queen Lhiannon Sidhe has waited all her life for the mating with the Sun’s chosen one that would fulfill the prophecy and form an alliance between the Fae and Drac’olian peoples. Quentin, who is now her prisoner, is that warrior. He wants this sex goddess desperately but rejects her lures for fear she cannot survive their mating. As his captivity continues, his resistance begins slipping. Though he fails to cooperate, the Fae gives him The Blood Ruby, which was not destroyed when it “shattered” upon touching his neck, as he needs the sword if he to save his soul. Meanwhile time is running out for Lhiannon must mate with Quentin soon in order to conceive a child and fulfill the prophecy. However, Abhartach controls Lhiannon’s sister Queen Aeval and is making life quite dangerous for their relatives, but even more so if they fail to mate and conceive.

This supernatural novella provides the audience with a deep look at two races who seem diametrically opposite as species yet share so much. The Sidhe sisters and the two cousins are fully developed though Abhartach is too malevolent with no redeeming quality to make him less cartoonish. The story line is fast-paced and those fans that want to read something new and fresh (even check the names out) will relish this delightful realm where vampyre meets fairy.

As a special bonus there is a very erotic short story at the end of this work “The Silk Garters” about a woman who has the most erotic night of her life thanks to magical garters that bring sexual fantasies to life. This is a very spicy tale.

Harriet Klausner


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