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A Virtual Kill
by Robert Tristani

Category: Fiction / Mystery
322 pages; ISBN: 0-595-25065-3

Rating: 7/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Shirley A. Roe


Each highly descriptive chapter transports you to mid 21st century North America in this futuristic mystery by Robert J. Tristani. Young, intense engineer, KC Walsh is contracted by Diane Fulton, beautiful, strong willed and intelligent. The two of them find themselves embroiled in intrigue, post-industrial virtual reality and physical murder. The author, Robert J. Tristani holds bachelor and masters degrees in engineering giving credence to the career realism of our hero, KC Walsh.

Tristani manages to captivate the reader with cyber intrigue, unusual character interaction and suspense. Our hero has a very unusual and unexpected advisor in Angelica and we find KC seeking her counsel many times throughout this story. Car buffs will be impressed because although this futuristic story takes place in the mid 21st century, our hero is enamored with a forty- year old Ford Mustang, which he drives on the now near- vacant expressways.

Why was the contract with Fulton International so easily acquired? Why would an assassin target Diane Fulton? Will their coworker be deported and arrested? And finally: who assassinated the assassin? These are some of the questions that KC and Diane attempt to answer as they travel to China under false pretenses and risk arrest by the Chinese Government. Is a romantic involvement likely or will the unidentified predator that stalks them be victorious?

A Virtual Kill would have to be classed as a cozy, soft boiled mystery. Hint of violence, without the blood and gore, no profanity or explicit sex but with an edge that keeps the reader involved.
Robert Tristani deftly draws readers in with a winning blend of suspense, romance and brilliant description. The characters are believable and complex. A Virtual Kill is cleverly plotted, imaginative and entertaining.
February, 2003 Shirley Roe-Allbook Reviews



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