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by Kelley Armstrong

Category: Fiction / Horror
416 pages; ISBN: 0670031372

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


In an isolated section of woods in Maine billionaire computer guru Ty Winsloe incarcerates so called mythological creatures in a glass prison. He employs two witches and a shaman to help him find his prey. Once he catches a victim, his hired scientists study the captive before releasing the prisoner into the wild. Finally Ty as a predator and his hounds hunt the otherworldly individuals.

His current target is a werewolf and his choice amongst that species is its only known female Elena. Witches warn Elena of the coming danger and actually rescue her from an abduction attempt by Ty’s thugs. However, the dye has been set as Ty plans to cage Elena, allow his scientists to study her and ultimately free his prisoner so he can hunt and kill her. However, he will find the she-werewolf will not give up easily.

STOLEN, the sequel to the delightful, BITTEN, is a refreshing rendition of “The Most Dangerous Game”, except that the quarry in this novel is the supernatural beings. The key to this strong story line is that the varying mythical creatures seem so genuine especially when the scientists classify the species in a taxonomy that Carl Linnaeus would endorse. Elena retains her bite from the first novel while Ty is an ideal predator playing a live “video” game with his chosen victims. Kelley Armstrong provides a tremendous "Women of the Otherworld" novel that horror and thriller fans will value.

Harriet Klausner


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