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by Lorie O'Clare

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
324 pages; ISBN: 1592799612

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Mayra Calvani


In a strangely altered land called Nuworld, Tara of the Blood Circle Clan and daughter of the leader of all Runners, decides it’s time for her to investigate and learn the ways of their most powerful enemy—Gothman.

Soon after entering Gothman territory, Tara realizes that in order to study the enemy she must pass as one of them. Not an easy task, for women are nothing but passive, domestic and submissive objects in Gothman, qualities totally alien to Tara, who comes from a society where women are raised as strong, resourceful and independent as men.

One day Tara catches the eye of none other than Lord Darius, Ruler of Gothman, a powerful leader highly respected and feared by his people, a man suspected of having drowned his own brother for the power of the throne. In a land where women are simply claimed and taken, Darius decides Tara will be his.

Thus starts their tempestuous relationship. In spite of their different ways, soon Tara grows attached to this people and learns that she’s somehow part of them in more ways than one. The dark mystery of her origins and identity becomes clear and Tara realizes she holds the future of both the Runners and Gothman in her hands.

But Darius makes a terrible mistake, one that threatens to destroy Tara’s love and the possible alliance between the two powerful lands. Will Tara be able to forgive him for the sake of their nations?

This story will enthrall you from beginning to end. It is a delightful battle of wills. This talented author has masterfully drawn a heroine to fall in love with; Tara is proud, brave and loyal, sensitive to the core yet a fierce warrior and leader. The hero is irresistible and his many human flaws only add to his character, making him so real he’ll seem to jump up the page. Suspenseful action scenes and natural dialogue flow with ease. The ending is a promise of more to come and will leave you on edge. Nuworld is a great start to The Nuworld Series and I am impatiently looking forward to read the sequel. Highly recommended.



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