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Jaws of Darkness
by Harry Turtledove

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
624 pages; ISBN: 0765304171

Rating: 9/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


The Second World War continues to rage on and over Derlavai. The continent is methodically being razed by the exchange of magical beams of fire, the battle between giant armored beasts, and dragons shooting fire. At first the powerful military of Algarve blitzkrieg to victory through the conversion of the life force of victims, especially the Kauanians.

However, recently the tide seems to be turning as the military of Lagoas and Kuusamo have brought the war to the Algarvian homeland. A sorceress-driven ship of ice has transported their deadly dragons to rain firebombs at the heartland of the enemy. Though the Algarvian might has been dented for the first time in this long war, either side could win the fight especially if one side obtains more powerful magic to use in the fray. In this world gone mad, the little people such as Ealstan and his beloved wife Vanai, a Kaunian, want to simply raise their child in a safe environment, but genocide rules the planet.

Though a fantasy equivalent to World War II, aficionados of the Great War as well as the genre’s fans will enjoy this superb entry in Harry Turtledove’s strong “Darkness” series. The big events of WW II are cleverly changed into a fantasy realm yet here is no question what they equate to in the real world. That and great characters simply trying to survive on a stage of mass destruction are what makes Mr. Turtledove the master of historical fantasy. JAWS OF DARKNESS uses sorcery to paint the true horrors of World War II on everyday people.

Harriet Klausner


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