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The Dragon's Doom
by Ed Greenwood

Category: Fiction / Fantasy
415 pages; ISBN: 0765302233

Rating: 8/10  (Ratings explained)
Reviewer: Harriet Klausner


Though now overdukes, sorceress Embra, warrior Hawkril, thief Craer, and sorceress
Tshamarra along with ex-regent Ezendor Blackgult cannot rest on their laurels. To bring peace
to the realm, the Overdukes must confront those who oppose their monarch. They must fight
the priests of the Serpent and the wizard Ambelter as well as their supporters if they are to
make Aglirta safe.

Currently the priests and their minions are posing the greatest threat. They are using a nasty
form of a plague to send innocent people into a killing frenzy. Those who survive the berserker
spree become mythical creatures enslaved by the priests to reuse again. With their work cut
out to just avoid becoming victims of the bloody plague, let alone going on the offensive, the
Band of Four still wield the Dwaer stones to embellish their counter spells in order to defeat
their enemies. However, it looks bleak and hopeless.

The latest Band of Four adventure is not a cozy as this blood and sorcery tale flows red rather
freely. Fans of the series will appreciate the gore that is cleverly interwoven into an exciting
story. Besides a warning label to the anemic, the audience will know the quartet remains true
to their respective essences so that the apparent series final, THE DRAGON'S DOOM, is a
reader's joy.

Harriet Klausner


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